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How to lit your candles

Place your candle on a tray to avoid unwanted spillage of soy wax. Once the wax has cooled down, you can easily pick it up from any surface without damaging it.

After you candle has burned out, you can scrape the natural soy wax from the shell and you’ll be left with a beautiful polished clean shell you can reuse!


The opaque, semi-matte finish of soy candles accompanies the aesthetic of our brand perfectly.

But more importantly:

soy wax is biodegradable – it comes from soybeans which means they are a natural, renewable resource

it is vegan – no animal products used and bee cruelty free, making it 100% cruelty free and environmentally friendly

it burns clean – it doesn’t release carcinogens that are toxic to inhale and once in air produce a soot that can cause stains on walls, linen and carpets, which means it is non-toxic

soy wax burns longer! – As soy does not burn as quickly, this means you get value and longevity from each purchase. Soy is easy to clean – soy wax burns at a lower melting point than other waxes, so you can clean up any spilt wax by simply picking it up after it cools down, without damaging the surface.